THERE'S MEN EVERYWHERE--                      If You Lower Your Standards! 

Dr. ZELDA BING Is the foremost authority on MEN in the country. Maybe even the whole world.  And she learned it all the hard way: One MAN at a time. Heck, she's been dating for over forty years, so she knows a LITTLE SOMETHING about men--like how to get one, what to do with him once you get him, and when to flip him. And  there's a butt load to learn, after all, men are very, very, very weird.  Sure she has a Doctoral Degree in Man-ology but she believes it was all the years she spent stripping that taught her everything she knows...which she is anxious to share with you...for a nice price. 
Let's face it, trying to date, mate and procreate in this day and age  without some guidance, is a little bit like a sperm trying to navigate it's way through a vasectomy.  

Whether you're single, married, divorced, gay, straight,  or you are even a MAN,  Zelda Bing can help with  your relationships.  Even if  it's just your relationship with YOU.   
After all, you really must learn to love yourself, too,  just not in front of anybody.
Book Zelda for your next event, or book her as the event--she's got the power and she's selling it.  You'll have the time of your life. You'll laugh so hard, your thighs will jiggle, your heart will  soar and more importantly  you will help Zelda to fullfill her goal: to be rich and famous.   

You'll leave with a heart full of something that feels like love, and a bunch of tricks to get what it is that you want,  (and you'll learn which mirrors make you look the thinnest)After all, it's all about perspective.  She's got it, you need it.    
Zelda's new book, "Life Hurts -- Boo-Hoo!," is already a bestseller in Delaware. It's being translated into British and Australian and promises to sell more copies than her first book, "What A Man Wants in A Woman and  How He Gets it in There."  If you would like to buy a Zelda Bing book, you're going to have to call a local bookstore and ask them why they don't stock it.  Then call back the next day using a different voice  and ask them the same question.  This technique works really best if you have a few other people do it, too.
Why Go Through Life Miserable and Alone, When you Can Go                                 Through it Miserable with Someone?"                                 - Dr. Zelda Bing
 Dr. Zelda Bing  -  Guru of Love, Doctor of Happiness
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